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Our Story


A few decades ago, Angelica and David O’Reilly married and embarked a life together surrounded by children, country living, vineyards and wine. All of which provide a wholesome and organic way of living for the family. Angelica insists that the food served on their table is sourced locally and organically, from their own gardens or from small family-owned farms in the area.  Similarly, when Angelica and David started a winery in 1999, their wines had to be farmed naturally and organically as possible from the best vineyards farmed as meticulously as their own.

Today, Angelica and David’s eldest three children are in the wine business and share the same values and love of fresh ingredients, gardening and the outdoors. Having a love and talent for art and design, Angelica has designed, drawn and photographed a number of wine labels for Owen Roe wines. A few related paintings of vineyards and wine enhance the walls of their home.

David seeks to, “gently coax the most authentic expression of each varietal” using minimal handling and traditional techniques. Selection of site along with hands on involvement throughout the growing season is some of the most important winemaking work David does. His picking decisions are always made in the vineyard,  “Its only by observing nature that we can harvest fruit at its delicate peak of aromatic development, while maintaining balanced pH and high acidity.”

They are delighted to share their life work that finds expression in the exceptional wines of the Yakima and Willamette Valleys.