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Total Acreage: 1.22 acres

Latitude: 45° 6'57.19"N

Longitude: 123° 8'33.08"W

Appellation: Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Soil and Topography:  Volcanic clay-loam soil over marine sediment.  Elevation 449 feet.   Cooled by winds from the Coastal Range.  Moderately shallow Yamhill silt loam (YhB) with 2% to 7% slopes in the upper part of Block C.  Moderately shallow Yamhill silt loam (YhD) with 7% to 20% slopes in the lower part of Block C.

Block C- Pinot Gris

Crawford-Beck Vineyard Wines:
Crawford-Beck Pinot Gris
Le Beck Fin Pinot Gris