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Total Acreage: 14.46 acres

Latitude: 45°21'3.14"N

Longitude: 123° 7'51.26"W

Yamhill-Carlton District

Lenne Vineyard Wines:
The Kilmore Pinot Noir
Lenne Vineyard Pinot Noir

Soil and Topography:  
Elevation 300 feet to 600 feet.  Moderately shallow Peavine silty clay loam (PeD) with 7% to 20% slopes in 777, 115, 114, Pommard, Pommard TR, and the lower part of Kill Hill 114 blocks.  Peavine silty clay loam(PcE) with 20% to 30% slopes in the upper parts of Kill Hill 114 and Kill Hill 667 blocks.  Panther silty clay loam (PaD) with 4% to 20% slopes in the lower part of Kill Hill 667 block.

Flavor Profile:
Planted in 2000 by Steve Lutz, the Lenne Vineyard has provided us some of our most complex Pinot Noir fruit. This low vigor site is comprised of soils with excellent drainage which impart intense flavors and deep color. The 2014 vintage yielded wines with rich aromatics, vibrant flavors and beautifully balanced acidity.