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Total Acreage: 14.36 acres

Latitude: 44°58'53.25"N

Longitude: 123° 9'15.23"W

Appellation: Eola-Amity Hills AVA

Sojourner Vineyard Wines:
Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir

Soil and Topography:  Nekia silty clay loam (52C) with 2% to 12% slopes in the northeastern and southwestern parts of Block A, the lower and upper parts of Block C, and the upper part of Block B.  Nekia silty clay loam (52D) with 12% to 20% slopes in the southeastern edge of Block A and the northeastern edge of Block C.  Ritner gravelly silty clay loam (61D) with 12% to 30% slopes in lower part of Blocks B and C.  Witzel very stony silt loam (76C) with 3% to 12% slopes in central part of Block A.

Flavor Profile: 
The Eola-Amity Hills are situated in the heart of the Willamette Valley and accumulate greater heat units than the surrounding areas while receiving late afternoon cool winds from gaps in the Coast Mountain Range. The volcanic soils in this vineyard produce Pinot Noir with fragrant red fruits and comples earthy spices. 

Thanks to the Denny Peseau family for their dedication to first class farming and exceptional Pinot Noir!