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David O'Reilly
June 24, 2016 | Winemaker's Blog | David O'Reilly

Cordon Cut Wines!

Cordon Cut Wines!

We are happy to release a new set of dessert wines under the Parting Glass label.  In 2015, at fruit ripening, we performed the arduous task of "girdling the cordon" on each vine (carrying clusters).  Removing the Phloem and Xylem layers of the bark effectively cut off all moisture and flow of nutrients to the clusters, slowly drying out the berries.


Once a majority of the water has been evaporated, the natural juice sugars, acids and flavor are increased   – exactly what we need to make balanced flavorful dessert wines.

Our WA Manager and Vineyard Supervisor, Nacho Licea, is holding the 2015 Viognier Cordon Cut "The Parting Glass". 

There will be three wines from our estate, Outlook Vineyard:  
2015 Cordon Cut VIOGNIER "The Parting Glass" 
2015 Cordon Cut GEWURZTRAMINER "The Parting Glass" 
Late Harvest Riesling with approximately 75% Cordon Cut grapes from Outlook and 25% from DuBrul

Release Date: July 2016



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