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David O'Reilly
January 12, 2017 | David O'Reilly

Owen Roe in Snow

Winter 2017 really began right after Thanksgiving 2016.  We have had snow on the ground continuously since.  I took this photo yesterday of our Pearl Block of Cabernet Franc at our Union Gap Estate with the winery in the background.  Since then, more snow has fallen.

We are very grateful for this moisture which will be evenly spread throughout the vineyard and region when it melts.  Too much rain will cause issues with the roots being buried in water and quick runoff - look at the images of the tremendous flooding in some areas and vineyards in California.

The cold also helps keep the pest population down - our cold winters in the Yakima Valley has helped with our organic program to the point where we never have to use pesticides.  We can formally claim our organic certification this year.  So we begin this year with great optimism.  We have just put to bed wines of an exceptional (epic) 2016 vintage and now with tons of moisture in the mountains the water looks fantastic for our growing season, and we can celebrate our sustainable farming.

We wish all of you a wonderful New Year filled with hope, promise and great optimism.


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