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David O'Reilly
July 26, 2016 | David O'Reilly

Sharecropping and what it means to us.


We named this label after our own very positive experiences with sharecropping.   In early 2000 several desperate farmers approached us to take their fruit.  With an economic downturn due to 9/11, seemingly ironclad contracts were torn up leaving fruit unsold.  We were in no position to purchase their grapes but, aware of their plight and quality of the grapes, we entered into a “sharecropping” contract.  We turned their grapes into wine- cellared, bottled and sold it under a sharecropping label – splitting profits with the vineyard owners.

The idea of sharecropping is simply that a landowner allows another to farm his property in return for a portion of the gross revenue.  Sharecropping is a legal contract and as such, it is protected by law.  It provides a lower cost of entry to an agrarian life and has enabled farmers to build thriving businesses through sharecropping partnerships.

To this day, sharecropping is widely utilized on all continents and in many areas, it is the prevalent form of farming contracts.  We have a sharecropping relationship with a neighbor who is a cherry farmer.  He farms our ten acres of cherries and splits revenue with us.  It is not only a symbiotic relationship but we are friends.



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