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David O'Reilly
April 13, 2017 | Winemaker's Blog | David O'Reilly

Spring at Union Gap Vineyard


Due to Spring’s late arrival we are not quite to our annual Bud Break at Union Gap vineyard. Winter brought twice the average moisture in the form of snow and rain. This makes for a beautiful, green hillside and the beginning of beautiful blossoms! The cherries and nectarines are now in bloom along with our enthusiastic bees doing their job.

With Spring being later than the past three years, we can expect a throwback vintage to occur in the fall. This will give us a longer window for harvest, as well as time for our guests to take in the action at a more leisurely pace.

This is one of the most beautiful Springs that we have enjoyed in a while! A perfect opportunity to come and enjoy a picnic on the winery lawn.


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