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David O'Reilly
April 7, 2014 | David O'Reilly

Taste Washington

After participating in the seminar, “An Old Vines Tale” on old vine Cabernet Sauvignon at 2014 Taste Washington in Seattle, I was once again struck by the awesomeness of this great category.  Old vines have a massive old root system and huge wizened trunks tend to weather droughts and adverse conditions far better than vines with youthful exuberance.  Old vines don’t produce a lot of fruit; they tend to yield looser clusters, smaller berries, and consistent ripening with complex spice and minerality, which can all be attributed from a more extensive root system.  These qualities unite to create complex wines with deep fruit flavors with profound textures, balanced acids, and overall greatness!

During the seminar, the panel’s moderator, Sean Sullivan of the WA Wine Report, showed a chart of recent grape acreages in the Columbia Valley.  The pace of planting has escalated in the past 10 years to such a level that vines older than 20 years represent a tiny fraction of wines actually in consumer’s hands these days.  The prospect that you will be enjoying wines planted over forty years ago will be almost unheard of.

I poured the Cabernet Sauvignon from Mike Sauer’s Red Willow Vineyard 1973 Block from the 2010 vintage.  After the seminar a proud Mike Sauer and his family greeted me warmly – he was both proud that his vineyard showed so beautifully and humbled by it’s approval. It was rewarding to see that Mike, his wife, children and dedicated vineyard team were being appreciated and respected by some of the top leaders of the US wine industry for their forty years of husbandry of Red Willow Vineyard.


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