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2015 Gewurztraminer
Cordon Cut Dessert 375ml

Wine Specs
Yakima Valley
Alcohol %

2015 Gewurztraminer

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We are happy to release a new set of dessert wines under the Parting Glass label. In 2015, at fruit ripening, we performed the arduous task of "girdling the cordon" on each vine (carrying clusters). Removing the Phloem and Xylem layers of the bark effectively cut off all moisture and flow of nutrients to the clusters, slowly drying out the berries. 

Once a majority of the water has been evaporated, the natural juice sugars, acids and flavors are increased- exactly what we need to make balanced and flavorful dessert wines. 

This 2015 Gewurztraminer was made with 100% Cordon Cut grapes from Outlook Vineyard.
Barrel aged in 50% new French oak barrels for 9 months.
29% Residual Sugar, 41.1% Sugar by weight at harvest
Alcohol- 9%

Aromas of lemon tea and honey are nicely balanced with hints of ginger and lemon spice on the palate. This late harvest Gewurztraminer is rich with sweetness, exuding additional flavors of candied tangerine, orange zest and mango. We recommend opening this wine in a year or two and you will be rewarded with more vibrant acidity and a well-integrated dessert treat.